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Pension Sharing – Is Hallam alive?

This week I was shocked to learn that the Hallam pension formula might not be as extinct as I had previously thought.

The End of Legal Aid

Cuts to the legal aid budget that come in next month are going to leave many vulnerable families deprived of vital services that only professionals can supply.

Hiding Assets During Divorce

Not a good idea. Of course it may seem unfair to have to declare assets that were acquired before you got married; or assets that were solely paid for by you during the marriage, but the fact is if you aren’t up front about your finances during divorce th…

The Rising Cost of Divorce

You can’t get divorced unless you get married. Aside from stating the obvious, I’m underlining the point that these days marriage seems little more than a precursor to divorce.

Offshore Divorce

We all know, or know of people that have managed to get married abroad.

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