New Power for Child Maintenance Debtors

Mar 04, 2015

Child Maintenance has just gotten harder to avoid18574394_s

Well it’s about time that the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has acquired new power to refer people who are suppose to pay child support to credit reference agencies. This basically means people who aren’t paying child support wont get the support they need from creditors for other things. So you better pay up the child support!

A brand new ‘statuary instrument (a piece of legislation used to bring sections of existing acts of parliament into legal force, or to change sections without creating a new act) would alter the Child Support Act bringing in an introduction of a new right for the Secretary of State to pass the details of people who are liable for paying child support to credit agencies.

But obviously it won’t be as simple as that: in order for the persons’ details to be passed on, the person has to have been made the subject of a liability order; or if the person has willingly allowed the information to be passed. I would probably think that no one is going to willing pass on information like that.

You can read the actual statutory instrument by clicking here.

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