A happy new year? Not so happy for some

Jan 08, 2015

It would be insensitive to say that business is booming, but apparently the divorce rate is set to triple this week.*

For lawyers, it’s the busiest time of the year, as couples find that their partner is not suitable for them once the long festive break has made an impact on relationships. A similar spike occurs at the end of the summer holidays.

The article has one really shocking finding: 1 in 10 people in Britain had admitted that they had treated the festive break as a ‘make or break’ time for the couples relationship. Speaking to friends and knowing of this seasonal spike I am surprised it isn’t a higher number!

I usually see an upturn in work over the next few weeks as the instructions start to find there way to me. I cannot promise to make you or your clients’ happy but what I can do is help ensure that the financial outcomes are better.

It is a sad fact of life but some people are much happier than others at this time of year! So don’t make matters worse by neglecting the basics.

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