Shocking News: Impact of divorce on children

Dec 09, 2014

We all know that divorce is a difficult time for couples as well as their families. However, I never thought that the impact on children in divorcing parents was to this degree.

Resolution had conducted a survey of 500 children between the ages of 14 and 22 who were going through or had gone through their parents divorce. Below I have indicated the approximate values of the findings of this survey.

66% said the divorce affected their GCSEs

12% said they turned to drugs/alcohol

33% said they developed trigger eating disorders

25% said their parents tried to involve them in the dispute

20% said they never saw their grandparents again

25% said they struggled to complete the homework and assignments

12% said they skipped lessons

33% said one parent tried to turn them against the other

11% said they found themselves getting into more trouble at school

You can see that these figures, although not massive, are still very significant. Anything that affects a child’s future should be dealt with the utmost urgency. Thats why I support Resolution in their means of handling disputes in an amicable way. I have also undertaken my mediation training to ensure that I can better understand the implications of divorce not only on the couple themselves, but also on their families.

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