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Mar 06, 2013

Wife divorces husband over map-reading argument

You have to feel a certain amount of sympathy here for Mark Powell. None of us know what goes on behind closed doors and even the most seemingly rock-solid couple might fight like cat and dog away from prying eyes; however, divorcing over a map reading argument? How broad is the term “for better or worse” exactly?

The reason I feel some sympathy for Mr Powell is that he obviously did not want to divorce and insult was added to injury by way of a refusal to appeal. Factor in the fact that had he won the right to appeal then what? Stay married to someone who feels that an argument over map-reading is tantamount to battery or adultery? Move on Mark – plenty of loyal fish in the sea.

The couples I find that make it aren’t the ones that don’t fight but the ones that accept that they will. Some couples fight more than others and I know I could make a nun swear without too much effort. Yet couples that embark on matrimony under the illusion that nothing will ever breach their starry eyed vows are headed for therapy or the divorce courts. In fact, I’d go so far to say that when you marry someone, if you can accept that they are far from perfect just the same as you, and that you may disagree about certain things, then you may find that you probably don’t fight all that often any way.

The idea that you can divorce over something as petty as a row about reading a map leaves me a tad ncredulous. That’s the equivalent of jumping ship just because they didn’t have your favourite brand of mustard. If someone can divorce on such frivolous, childish grounds then surely this person should not have been allowed to marry anyone in the first place; but then there’s nothing that can realistically be done about that I suppose. It’s up to people to be a little more honest with themselves about what they want out of life.

Interesting to note that Mr Howells ex-wife wasn’t at court for the hearing. Perhaps she got lost on the way.

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