The Great Artichoke Sabotage: Destroying plants could land you in court

Jan 07, 2015

There has been some eerie reasons to why people have gone to court, but this one takes the cake. Lyndsey Glasset has filed a criminal case (yes a criminal case) against her sister Gillian Leeden for ‘murdering’ her Jerusalem artichokes.

According to the Times, the story was that Glasset had gone off for the weekend, and when she came back, she had found that her prized artichokes were blackened and dying. If I had a prized plant that was dying, the first thing I’d is give it some water. However, Glasset immediately called the police.

Bringing out the good ole CCTV footage, it was found that Leeden sprayed the artichokes with weedkiller, thinking they were weeds. I must say, she had sprayed enough weedkiller on the artichokes to choke them to death.

When this case got to court, Leeden was charged with criminal damage of the plants, even though she claimed that she thought they were weeds and that she was simply just “tidying up”. Leeden was ordered by the court to pay a record-breaking £5 in compensation to Glasset (+£325 for the court costs).

The most important lesson to take away from this story is don’t spray weedkiller on plants, even if you think they are weeds. Who knows, you may also lose a staggering £5.

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